Terms of Use

1) Please read. You agree to these terms by bidding online for the auction.

2) Auction is conducted in compliance with the appropriate Codes,Regulations and Laws of the State in which the aucion held.

3) This sale is without limit or reserve, except as noted in these Terms and Conditions.

4) ALL purchases are CASH or Cashier’s Check as specified in the description of the unit for sale or upon demand. Some sellers may accept credit cards.  Be sure to consider deposits (Deposit Policy) and taxes in your bid.

5) A refundable deposit, minimum of $100.00, is charged by the storage facility for each unit sold. The amount of the deposit is at the discretion of storage management  and will be annotated on the web site.  If no amount is indicated assume the deposit will be $100.00 minimum.

6) This sale is a legal transfer of ownership.  The valid satisfaction of a lien legally transfers ownership of the contents to the buyer. The buyer must remove all of their items from the premises by CLOSE OF BUSINESS 24 hours after payment is made to JMAuctionOnline.com, unless other arrangements are made with the facility Manager. Anything not removed in the time allotted is considered abandoned and will be removed. The deposit will NOT be refunded and bidding at future  JM Auction Service on-line auctions may be denied. The facility manager may also file a small claims action in court to recoup the cost of clean out.  Take everything, you own it!

7) All Buyers without a valid resale number on file with the State Board of Equalization in your State or with  JM Auction Service  must pay state sales tax at the rate for the county in which the sale is held.

8) Do not use facility dumpsters without permission.

9) All lots/units are sold “as is, where is”. No warranties are implied or expressed as to fitness, salability or condition.  Buyer beware, you are buying at your own risk.

10) JM Auction Service  has never, nor ever will, bid on any units.  It is against our company policy!

11) It is the Buyer’s duty to return all personal papers, photos, identifications and other personal items in the unit to the manager. Identify these items with the unit number from which they were removed. This is a very important item. Please return personal items.

12) The owner of the unit has the right to redeem the unit until it is purchased.

13) No one under 18 is allowed to bid through any on-line auction.

14) All persons must register on the web site to participate in the sale. A valid address, email address & phone number is required. If your resale number is not on file note the number when registering. We verify all resale numbers.

15) Management has the right to withdraw a unit from the sale at any time for any reason.

19) Any person removing goods from units sold, assume all risks of damage and/or loss to their person and property and specifically release JM Auction Service  and the Storage Company from any and all liability arising out of these acts. Neither JM Auction Service nor his principles shall be held liable by reason of any defect in or condition of the premises on which the sale is held. Please, Be Careful!

20) When a dispute arises JM Auction Service shall decide the dispute or put that lot up for re-sale to the highest bidder. Any decision of the auction company is final and absolute.

21) JMAuctionOnline.com  reserves the right to refuse any bid and deactivate improper, obscene bidders or those who do not abide to these terms and conditions.

22) Any firearms, drugs or any illegal items are removed, by the manager, from the units to be disposed of in a proper and legal manner.

23) Vehicles are not sold unless the Department of Motor Vehicle lien process is completed. Back DMV registration fees may be due on any vehicle/vessel purchased. Please call you State's DMV for more information.

24) Please refer any questions concerning this auction to info@JMAuctionOnline.com or Manager.

JMA 2024    Rev E 2024