The easy steps to bid

1. Register

!!!Before bidding, you will need to sign-up for a account. To sign-up, just click on the REGISTER button. To activate your account, you will need an active and verifiable email and a valid credit card to pay the web site commission fees after you win the bid. After winning the unit  and then paying this fee you will be emailed and text a "bill of sale" to complete the process. To subscribe to the PRO Account subscription scroll down to see details.

We use a 2-factor authentication process to register. You will be asked to input a code sent to you on your cell phone prior to completing your registration.

2. Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you’ve read all the terms and conditions before you start bidding. It is vital that you understand the procedures that you are required to follow. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use are located on the bottom of your screen.

3. Log in

You can log on and bid using your phone, Ipad, tablet or computer. Once you’ve create your account, you will be prompted to see the units being auctioned. There will also be a highlight of the bids which will close soon. Choose the one which closely fits your needs.

4. Find an Auction

We recommend that you click on Find An Auction to pinpoint the location of a storage facility that closely meets your requirements.

Pro Account

Join PRO account to bring bidding experience to a new level

The easy steps to sell

1. Setup and activate a seller's account

New sellers need to register on our website. Click on the register link at the top right of the page and enter your information. Be sure to select "I am a SELLER". Be sure to read the terms and conditions and then select the button for confirmation at the bottom of the page. Do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions or call 714-996-4881.

Once you are registered and sign in, go to "My Account" in the top right hand corner of the opening page. Click on "My Locations". If you get an alert of "date expired" your account is not activated. Call our office for immediate activation. Once activated you can decide whether to enter all facilities locations under one "seller" or re-register each facility as it own location and as an individual "seller".

2. Add Locations

You can add as many locations as you require. Each location can be easily updated at your convienence. You can also register each facility individually, with it's own password protection, as indicated above. To edit locations select the location to be edited on the right and edit the information on the left of the page.

3. Add Units

Click on the "UNITS" button after selecting the location where the unit is for sale. Add the unit(s) you want to auction. Add the pictures, start dates, start time, stop dates and stop time, and a detailed description of the unit - including the details of your unit for sale. It is recommended to start all the units for auction at a facility at the same time and increment the closing times. It is very important not to close all the units for sale at the same time. Increment the time each unit closes by approximately 1-2 minutes. This incrementation of closing times allows every buyer to bid on every unit in a "bidding war". Add as much detail as possible, including title, location, dimensions, description of items and condition of unit.

4. Get notified when the unit is sold

You will be notified via email once a unit's sale is complete. The money the unit sold for is what the buyer will pay the facility, there are no hidden fees.