Special auctions

Check here to see if we have special, unusual, very large or abandonement auctions.
Storage Auction Experts is our associated company for live auctions.

Testimonials and Web Site Tips

I am very happy with the unit I won on JMAuctionOnline.com. This web site is beyond easy - and I can bid from an air conditioned room?

Randy Anderson
I did not respond to the email link within 24 hours and lost a very nice unit to the back bidder. I guarantee I will respond quicker next time!!
Greg Foster

No Traffic, no weather problems and it is easy. I bid on a unit while drinking a cup of coffee at home. I love it.

Dave K.
I like the phone app. I can attend an on-site auction while bidding on-line at JMAuctionOnline.com. I double my chances of winning and cut expenses in half. Thanks J. Michael.
Jim Hawley

When you win a unit, respond to the payment link and then go to the facility and pay them what you bid.

Website Tip
Click on "How It Works" to learn how the website works by watching the videos in both English and Spanish
Website Tip

Onsite Auction Schedule

Storage Auction Experts has teamed with J. Michael's Auction, Inc. to do the live onsite auctions. Storage Auctions Experts' integrity and honesty in their conduct of the auctions is unquestionable. This schedule is only for California.