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Lock Cutting

Insure your lock cuts are done in an honest manner with the highest integrity. In California contact Auction Ready. We will add more lock cut services in other States as they become available.

Innovative and Honest

JM Auction Service is the online self storage auction company with the highest integrity in the industry. We are veteran owned and now in our 29th year supporting our Customer’s auction processes. Our long-standing success in this business is directly attributed to our management, commitment to customer service, innovation, integrity, and honesty. Anything else is unacceptable.

No Reserve
Auctions does set reserves on units. A facility manager selling a unit may indicate a reserve in the details of the unit for sale.

California on-site

J. MIchaels has teamed with Storage Auction Experts for on-site live auctions. JM Auction Service now exculsively does online storage auctions. See Storage Auction Expert's extensive auction schedule by clicking here.

Welcome to JM Auction Service

JM Auction Service continues to be an indisputable and foremost leader of online storage auction services. We are the most innovative and honest self-storage Auction Company in the industry. is an indispensable service offered to both Sellers and Buyers of storage units. Our online team never bids on units posted for sale. We screen our sellers and insure they are legitimate self storage companies who sell units that are in the lien process.

We believe in integrity and trust at every point of our business. We will never let buyers, who previously bought a unit, to resell that unit on our website. We value your trust in us, at every point of our service to you. is a state-of-the-art website that is professionally designed and maintained by our Webmaster in Canada. Our team constantly reviews the website to insure it is straightforward and efficient for use by both Sellers and Buyers. If there is an issue with the operation or use, please contact the JMAuctionOnline team at utilizes state-of-the-art protections for Buyers and Sellers who use our website.  The information you submit is never shared with 3rd party companies and is never sold for advertising purposes.  All data submitted for payments are encripted and secure by our processing service. Use our service with confidence.

Testimonials and Web Site Tips

You have only 24 hours from the close of the unit being auctioned until you must pay the website commission fee. You then have only 24 hours to go to the facility and pay for the unit you purchased. Unless other arrangements are m...

Website Tip
No Traffic, no weather problems and it is easy. I bid on a unit while drinking a cup of coffee at home. I love it.
Dave K.

If you bid within the last 30 seconds before the auction closes the closing timer will reset back to 30 seconds to await another bid. It will do this until the closing timer goes to zero.

Website Tip
Click on "How It Works" to learn how the website works by watching the videos in both English and Spanish
Website Tip

Open more than one window on your browser to track multiple sales happening together.

Website Tip
I like this web site because they do not allow the sale of units, previously purchased by another buyer, to be posted for re-sale after that buyer took everything. That`s honesty!
Bruce Anderson

Onsite Auction Schedule

Storage Auction Experts has teamed with J. Michael's Auction, Inc. to do the live onsite auctions. Storage Auctions Experts' integrity and honesty in their conduct of the auctions is unquestionable. This schedule is only for California.